A winning tradition for over 40 years. Over two billion dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients.

We Have Recovered Over Two Billion Dollars On Behalf Of Our Clients

We are one of the first San Diego contingency fee law firms to recover more than two billion dollars in settlements and verdicts for our clients. That alone has brought us acclaim and worldwide attention. However, what our peers have to say about us is just as important.

During their first decade, U.S. News & World Report along with Best Lawyers in America have selected Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire for their Best Law Firms in America list and rated us a San Diego Tier One Law Firm in categories ranging from personal injury to eminent domain, mass tort litigation to medical malpractice, and commercial litigation to sex abuse litigation and more.

It’s an honor to be recognized in any one of these categories of law, but to earn a Best Lawyer Tier One Law Firm ranking in as many as seven categories every year is an astonishing tribute to the breadth of our practice and the depth of talent at our firm.

Whether you need help pursuing an injury claim or settling a business dispute, you can count on our team to have the resources, knowledge and capabilities to maximize the outcome of your case. With over 40 years of experience, we are dedicated to making lives better.

Best Lawyers | Best Law Firms | U.S. News & World Report | 2020
Firefighter and EMT rushing vehicle accident victim to ambulance

Fighters For Victims Of sErious Personal Injuries and motor vehicle accidents

Were you or a loved one injured in a car accident, struck by a drunk driver or hit by an 18-wheeler on the freeway? From catastrophic injuries to wrongful death cases, our experienced, effective personal injury attorneys can help you pick up the pieces. Start repairing and rebuilding your life today.

Why Hire A Team Like Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire?

Your legal team should be the ones you can count on in your darkest hour. There is no question that we are the team you need to be there for you. We take your business problem seriously, and we are not in the business of taking frivolous cases. Your opponent’s lawyers know our reputation as an A-team of legal talent and for good reason. You have hired us to go after their client, and when we accept a case, they know it’s no longer a trivial matter.
  • We are passionate and skilled litigators – We have been at the forefront of unprecedented verdicts and settlements that not only forever improved the lives of our clients, but also the legal landscape in California. That’s why we have earned 28 Outstanding Trial Lawyer Awards over the years and have partners who, every year for a decade, have been recognized for various other honors, including “Lawyer of the Year” by U.S. News and World Report and Best Lawyers, Best of the Bar Award from the San Diego Business Journal, One of the 100 Most Influential Lawyers in California by the Los Angeles Daily Journal and more.
  • We care about our local and global community – We give back to the community at every opportunity, whether it be working pro bono on behalf of local disaster victims or spending weekends helping feed and find housing for the homeless. We truly care not only about our clients, but also for everyone who needs a voice to put a name on their suffering.
  • We are well-respected for our trial work – With numerous accolades and awards, we are proud to be well-known in San Diego and nationally as fighters who go the extra mile to help clients obtain justice.
  • We are also business people – We are primarily a contingency fee firm, and as a business person, you have probably never considered hiring a contingency fee firm to litigate a business dispute. So, we ask you this question: “Is it better for my stockholders if a third party takes on the financial risks of a lawsuit?” Would you rather have a team that has skin in the game or someone who gets paid win or lose? We are open to discussing alternative fee arrangements, including hybrid fees, hourly fees, contingency fees and flat rate agreements.

We have the experience where it counts – Each of us has spent countless hours in the courtroom, lecturing at law schools and coaching and mentoring the next generation of legal talent. We have experience that is simply unmatched by any other legal team in the area.

A Winning Tradition

$136 million

Eminent Domain Case

$58 million

Business Litigation Case

$55 million

Class/Mass Action Case

$22 .4 million

Construction Defect Case

$20.3 million

Personal Injury Case

Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire has successfully represented the gravely injured for nearly half a century—from the newly born to those near death, and everyone before, after and in between.

Even seemingly small injuries will impact the quality of your life for decades. We understand that because we have seen it thousands of times. You need to be sure to find an attorney who has a team that understands your pain and suffering, and has a track record of getting the compensation their clients deserve.

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Attorney Michael T. Thorsnes

Michael T. Thorsnes

In Memoriam (1943 – 2019)

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We Know What Hard Work Means

Our attorneys have had drive and determination since their earliest years. They delivered newspapers. They managed restaurant kitchens and unloaded grocery trucks. Little did we know how far their hard work would truly take us.

Since 1978, we have helped family businesses grow from small one-man operations into companies with one billion dollars in annual sales. We have fought insurance companies on behalf of widowers who lost their loved ones in car crashes. We have recovered millions on behalf of the families of 9/11 victims. We work zealously to improve our clients’ lives, and we will continue to fight for them until the end.