Construction Defects

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A leaking roof, a cracking slab, moldy sheetrock, burst pipes – when your home is a catalog of misery, it can seem like nature is fighting against you. And that mold under the sink turns out to be toxic and you have to leave immediately, all you have left are the clothes you are wearing, your car and a few credit cards. The insurance company suddenly won’t pay, citing that your policy doesn’t cover product defects.

Neighborhoods quiver on unstable, earth-compacted building sites that are all too often toxic. Vulnerable to the slightest deviation from nature’s gentler side, houses reveal their inherent defects more rapidly than repairs can be affected. Roofs leak. Ceilings tilt. Foundations fracture. Asphalt and concrete crack prematurely. Balconies sag. Patios flood. Fireplaces don’t draw. Floors buckle. Structural breakdowns increase in frequency and in seriousness. All this in brand-new houses and cleverly hidden from view, often until it is too late, for remediation in existing homes.

What is at the root of this mind-boggling, industry-wide failure? Our experiences suggest this is an on-going travesty that has occurred by poor planning by developers; a bottom-line mentality by general contractors; shabby construction by builders; inadequate quality control by everyone; failed structural and material “advances”; counterproductive and foolhardy zoning philosophies; sinister political activity; and in all too many cases, common criminal behavior.

You need a rare breed of lawyer to get you out of this mess and get you the money you deserve to make the necessary repairs and pay for the disruption and inconvenience to your life. Your luck has already changed for the better – you have found the lawyers you’re looking for. We call them the Dirt Team; the Masters of Unnatural Disasters (aka the M.U.D. Squad).

For the past 40 years, the TBM Dirt Team has successfully recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for victims of landslides, expansive and corrosive soil and shoddy and unsafe construction. When your property has been damaged by an “unnatural disaster” and defects in construction, Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire has decades of experience showing how human negligence was at the root of the damage. We are pioneers in this field of law, and we are proud to build strong cases for clients who have suffered preventable damage from construction defects.

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