Motorcycle Accidents

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A lot of drivers don’t like motorcycles. More importantly, a lot of drivers don’t see motorcycles. No matter how skilled a rider you are, no matter how vigilant, you are at the mercy of careless, clueless drivers who share the road.

And now you’re seriously hurt and your bike is wrecked. Not only did that negligent driver cause your accident, they probably blamed you for it too. The San Diego personal injury lawyers of Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire understand what you’re up against. We know how to investigate a motorcycle crash and make a compelling case for your rightful compensation.

Do you have questions about your motorcycle accident case? Read our motor vehicle accident FAQ page for more information.


In the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, everyone points the finger at the person on the bike. The guy must have been going a hundred! She was weaving through traffic like a maniac! The “eye witnesses” often get it wrong. They hear screeching brakes or a motorcycle engine and their brain fills in the blanks. Even police officers jump to conclusions in their accident reports.

At Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire, we are familiar with the other side of the coin. We know that most motorcycle riders are cautious and law-abiding. They understand the dangers. They know they are “invisible” out there. We do the legwork to prove that the negligent driver of a car or truck was at fault:

  • Turning left into the path of a cycle going straight
  • Pulling out into traffic
  • Changing lanes without looking
  • Driving too fast or too close
  • Blowing through a red light or stop sign
  • Distracted by a cell phone or by their dog in the front seat

We know all the scenarios: motorcycles struck in intersections; motorcyclists rear-ended, run over or run off the road; and motorcyclists injured when they purposely swerved or laid the bike down to avoid a worse accident.


Only the lucky few walk away from a motorcycle accident. In fact, 4 out of 5 motorcycle crashes result in lasting injury to the motorcycle operator and/or passenger. And not just “dinged up” but real injuries. Pelvic fractures, busted ribs, broken legs, spinal injuries. Road rash, mashed fingers, facial scars. Not to mention the nightmares.

The trial lawyers of Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire excel in cases of severe and permanent injuries. We are aggressive and thorough. We work with crash victims and their families, as well as doctors and other professionals, to document the injuries and the long-term impact. If you can’t return to your job, we add up the dollars. If you are permanently impaired or spent six months in grueling rehab, that goes into the lawsuit. You deserve to be compensated for the medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, all of it.

We are not a firm that jumps at the insurance company’s lowball offer. We are the firm that says “Try again. Do better.” We care deeply about our clients, and we know they are depending on us. If the defense will not come through with a good faith settlement that covers the family’s losses, we are ready and willing to take them to trial. See examples of our injury verdicts and settlements.


We are committed to making our clients as whole as possible after a serious motorcycle accident. Contact our San Diego office today to arrange a free consultation with an experienced and compassionate attorney. Call 619-236-9363 or use our online form.



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