A woman laying on a massage table reading about women who were assaulted at massage parlors on her phone.

What Happens If You’re Sexually Assaulted At A Massage Parlor?

On Behalf of Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire LLP
May 19, 2022

Sexual assault is devastating for any resident of the San Diego, California, area. No one expects it to happen at massage parlors. Police are currently asking survivors to come forward.

Why Are Police Searching for Survivors?

Recently, police arrested a massage parlor employee for committing sexual assault against customers. In early April, police began an investigation into an employee at a spa after a woman called and reported that she had been sexually assaulted by an employee who gave her a massage.

The investigation discovered that the suspect who was arrested had a history of sexual assault in Texas. The man also had a felony warrant out for the crime in that state.

The lieutenant who headed the investigation into the man stated that two more women came forward to report being sexually abused by him. She went on to urge any other survivors to come forward if they were sexually assaulted by this person and acknowledged how vulnerable they feel.

When a crime like sexual assault occurs at a massage parlor, the establishment should be held liable. Employers are required to know the backgrounds of their staff and must ensure the safety of their customers.

How Can You Stay Safe While at a Massage Parlor?

To reduce the chances that you might become a victim of sexual assault at a massage parlor, there are certain things you can do. If you’ve previously visited a parlor and had a massage by specific therapists, you will want to continue requesting those therapists.

If asked to remove your underwear for a massage, your guard should go up. You don’t have to remove your underwear.

Always set ground rules and inform the therapist of them. Tell them where they cannot touch you during a massage. If a therapist becomes inappropriate, leave immediately.

Sexual assault is devastating. If it’s happened to you, hold the establishment liable.