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Dedicated Trial Attorneys Fighting Against Labor Trafficking

After a long battle for human rights, it is hard to believe that any form of slavery or forced labor is possible in our country. However, especially in California, labor trafficking is an insidious crime that persists to this day. Fortunately for victims, the law also allows for a right to file a lawsuit.

If you or a loved one is a survivor of labor trafficking, we are here to help. At Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire, our dedicated, experienced attorneys represent the rights and best interests of labor trafficking victims throughout California. We also provide co-counseling services to other lawyers in cases where victims are no longer located within the State of California. Labor trafficking is a federal crime, and a survivor has the right to sue defendants, seek justice and obtain financial compensation (including recovery of their attorney fees).

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Labor trafficking occurs when fraud, force or coercion is used to recruit a person for purposes of labor or employment. In the eyes of the law, the crime of labor trafficking is similar to the crime of sex trafficking, except that the forced conduct is labor, not a “commercial sex act.”

Unfortunately, labor trafficking occurs at institutions we often trust. There have been cases in which human trafficking networks operate at churches, for example, to recruit individuals based on fraudulent or false job offers or promises.

As a labor trafficking survivor, you require help and resources, but most of all, you deserve justice. Our attorneys fight zealously to protect the rights and welfare of human trafficking victims, including those who have been the victim of sexual abuse. Based on the particular circumstances and facts of a case, we will discuss your options and how we can assist you. We may be able to help you:

  • Take legal action against the defendants who were directly or indirectly involved in the illicit activities that harmed you or your loved one. These defendants may include everyone from the persons or businesses who deceived and transported the victim to those who assisted the traffickers and exploited the individuals.
  • File a civil lawsuit against the offenders so the victim may receive the financial support needed to recover
  • Counsel you, guide you and be with you through every step of the process as the victim or in support of a loved one
  • Get legal protection from law enforcement should the victim be in danger

In addition to a civil lawsuit in which the victim may seek financial compensation, if criminal charges are also filed, a court can grant “criminal restitution” to a victim under the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000 (TVP). Restitution refers to the amount defendants should pay to the victim for the losses experienced and is regularly part of criminal trial plea discussions.

Striving To Make Our Community Safer, One Case At A Time

One of our missions as a law firm is to help and protect our community. When our lawyers take a case, we want to make sure that we hold every defendant accountable for their acts.

However, justice can only occur when victims take legal action against the persons or entities who harmed them and those who helped the traffickers. This is a bold and brave step to take. Our compassionate, skilled attorneys are here to guide you and make every reasonable effort to help you get justice.

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