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Drivers should be careful around pedestrians

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When two cars hit one another, the occupants of both vehicles might suffer harm. In some cases, however, thanks to safety features such as seat belts, airbags, and antilock brakes, no injuries may happen. These safety features play no role for pedestrians involved in the same accident. California drivers should be better aware of pedestrians to avoid any terrible incidents.

Safety and driving near pedestrians

When traveling in areas with high foot traffic, remaining alert to people walking or bicycling could reduce the chances of accidents. Any motorist who directs more attention to a podcast or GPS directions than people crossing the street might cause an accident.

Avoiding moving violations seems more than advisable. In particular, speeding increases the chances of hitting a pedestrian or another vehicle. Speeding makes it harder to control a car, which could worsen when the weather becomes inclement. Speeding often combines with other moving violations, such as turning on red without coming to a complete stop or making repeated illegal lane changes.

Liability and pedestrian accidents

Drivers who ignore the laws that give pedestrians the right of way could be liable for any resulting harm. Motor vehicle accidents resulting from drunk driving might lead to a costly civil lawsuit. Such may be the case with any negligent incidents.

An insurance claim could provide a clear path to compensation for an injured victim. However, the process might be more involved than they realize, which is why having the assistance of an experienced negotiator can be beneficial.