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More women are being assaulted in massage parlors

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2022 | Sex Abuse Litigation |

Women in California who go to a massage parlor expect to get professional treatment and a nice massage. Unfortunately, there has been an increase in sexual assaults on clients in these establishments.

What’s been happening with massage parlors?

In recent years, more women have been falling victim to sexual assault while visiting massage parlors. These establishments require the clients to strip down so they can get professional massages to ease muscle tightness, stress and more. One of the most recent incidents involved a young woman being inappropriately touched by her male masseuse when she went in for a Swedish hot stone massage.

Women are in a very vulnerable position when they visit these places of business. They are nude and in a closed room with a massage therapist who is often male.

A lawsuit was filed against the massage parlor

In the case of the woman who was sexually assaulted by her massage therapist, she filed a lawsuit against the establishment. Her claim notes that the manager of the business was aware that male employees had a habit of inappropriately touching female clients due to the negative reviews the establishment got on social media networks.

These acts of assault happen all over. One woman experienced a similar situation at another massage parlor in a different state several years ago. The male massage therapist touched her genitals and breasts, leaving her terrified and in disbelief. She later made a complaint to the establishment that was ignored. Afterward, the woman called the police to report the sexual assault. Police later interviewed the massage therapist, who pleaded guilty the following day. It was discovered that he had assaulted nine women while working at the massage parlor for less than a year.

Women who face these heinous assaults can bring about criminal lawsuits against their attackers. However, they can also file civil lawsuits against the business that failed to protect them.