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Filing your claim for smoke and ash damage after a wildfire

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2021 | Wildfires, Floods And Other Disasters |

After you return home and discover damage from a wildfire, one of the first steps is to file an insurance claim. This is to ensure that your home insurance provider covers you for the damages caused by smoke and ash. There are certain facts to know when making claims related to natural disasters in California.

Your coverage options after a wildfire

After a wildfire, you could face all types of damages caused by fire, smoke, ash and soot. Your belongings need to be cleaned, inspected, tested and either replaced or repaired. An adjuster needs to estimate the value of these items in order to replace them. The structural damages caused by smoke and ash should be compensated for in your home insurance policy. The coverage for smoke damage caused to the personal items within your home should also be provided in your policy.

The process of evaluating the damages

You can file claims related to wildfires but must prove that the smoke and ash damage is severe enough to be covered by insurance. It’s crucial to hire the right professionals to perform the inspection and testing. Usually, an inspector is hired by your insurance company to provide estimates of the costs of restoring your property.

However, your insurer is not guaranteed to hire the most qualified expert for the task. In addition, you need to find out whether you or the insurance company has to cover the inspection, testing and restoration process. Problems arise when homeowners suspect that one or more of these professionals has not conducted a thorough inspection.

File your claim with caution

Wildfires do not strike every home, so there’s the question of whether or not this natural disaster is covered by insurance. Smoke and ash damage should be covered as long as a thorough inspection and testing is made. As a homeowner, you’ll need to perform a great deal of planning and research before and after filing a claim.