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The long road to recovery after sustaining severe burns

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The bottom line is that you survived. However, the fiery highway collision has left you with permanent injuries that include severe burns over much of your body. It will take a great amount of time to heal as you go through expensive, lengthy and painful medical treatment.

The pain and suffering, loss of income and mounting medical bills represent a dubious trifecta. You would not have to deal with any of them if not for the negligence of the other driver whose actions led to your misfortune.

Shock and infections

You have a long road to recovery. Medical professionals have told you that treatment for your injuries will prove to be painful and lengthy. The second- and third-degree burns on your body likely require skin grafts, plastic surgery and follow-up surgeries; all of this to minimize scarring.

The severe burns are just the beginning and may lead to the installment of a feeding tube and breathing assistance. Subsequent complications may include:

  • Shock: Your body may go into mild or extreme shock after a burn injury. This development could lead to internal organ damage along with multiple organ failure, potentially proving fatal.
  • Damage to lungs and respiratory system: Smoke inhalation may cause such damage when breathing smoke that may contain toxic gases and chemicals. People with such injuries may have to rely on an oxygen tank for long periods of time.
  • Cornea burns: Your eyes may suffer from permanent damage, and you may have to see an assortment of medical specialists for treatment.
  • Infections: If improperly treated, you may develop infections that may lengthen your recovery and, perhaps, prove fatal. The use of creams, ointments and intravenous antibiotics are a likely treatment.

Severe burns often leave permanent scarring outside and inside a victim. You must live with this painful experience for the rest of your life, not only does it show on you physically, but emotionally, too. In such circumstances, you may turn to a counselor to talk things through. Focus on your recovery and do your best to avoid thinking too much about the accident.