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5 common types of home construction defects

by | Jul 8, 2021 | Construction Defects |

It all began when you noticed the water damage on your bedroom ceiling. After a rain shower, the roof was obviously leaking. You were confused. This was a newly build house. How could this happen? Then like falling dominoes, another problem surfaced when you discovered some cracks in the foundation.

Again, the confusion surfaced. This was a newly built house. It was meant to be your dream home. How could this happen? Well, blame likely lies with either the home developer, architect or engineer. Perhaps they cut corners during construction with faulty materials and poor workmanship or followed a faulty design. A few common construction defects exist, and some may even be concealed intentionally.

Roofs, siding and foundation

As a homeowner, you did not expect construction defects so soon or anytime at all. You wonder about your family’s safety as well as the significant repair costs. However, you must swiftly deal with these issues. Here are some common construction defects:

  • Poorly built roofs: Design deficiencies often lead to this problem. Water leakage and, eventually, mold growth may surface. Damaged shingles and protruding nails represent potential signs of a roof problem.
  • Problematic windows and doors: Improper installation or poor designed using substandard materials often are at the root of this problem.
  • Foundation issues: Look to soil conditions as a potential culprit leading to an unstable foundation. Cracking and erosion may occur.
  • Improperly installed siding: Loose exterior siding does not protect your home. This could lead to water damage.
  • Improperly installed plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems: You need all these systems to function properly. Problems may be leaking and bursting pipes, an air condition or heating system that does not work or faulty electrical wiring.

Your experience in buying a newly built home should have been a good and memorable one. However, construction defects can lead to a different kind of memorable experience. Regularly inspect your home and look for flaws.