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How some start-ups are tackling utility-related wildfire issues

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2021 | Wildfires, Floods And Other Disasters |

Numerous wildfires started in California because of a utility-related issue. There are some start-ups that are trying to do something about it and keep them from happening in the future. The following companies are tackling these issues in a wide variety of ways.


This start-up may be the solution to stopping many of the wildfires that occur every year. This company deploys sensors on things like conductors and monitor poles to alert utility companies of any malfunctions or faults that are occurring or may do so in the future. This allows the utilities companies to act quickly before a huge issue occurs that can have devastating effects.

InRG Solutions

Power systems fail quite often and cause utility-related wildfires, but inRG Solutions is trying to do something about it. They have developed a system that allows utility companies to constantly know the condition of their electrical grids. They do this with sensors and infrared cameras that provide real-time data.

ALD Technical Solutions

Overheated power lines cause a variety of different issues including wildfires. ALD Technical Solutions has developed a unique way to deal with this problem. They retrofit power lines with a carbon fiber material that allows them to have an increased capacity for power and keeps them cooler.


It can take some time for a utility company to realize that there’s an issue in one of their power grids. Topolonet developed the BusID proprietary algorithm to alert utility companies as soon as an issue occurs. This system also has the capabilities to pinpoint exactly which node in the grid is causing the issue.