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There are things you should never do after a car accident

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When California residents get into car crashes, things can be very disorienting for them. In addition to struggling with possible injuries, they may be confused about what to do next. There are police reports to file, insurance companies to contact and possible hospitalizations and physical therapies to go through. In the heat of the moment, things can get very confusing very quickly.

As tumultuous as the experience can be, there are certain things that you should not do after a car crash. Doing these things could make getting back on your feet much more difficult in the future.

What should you avoid after a car crash?

One thing that you should never do after a car accident is leave the scene without getting the information of all parties involved in the incident. If you leave without getting the other driver’s license information, insurance information and anything else relating to the accident, that will make it harder for you to prove your claim in the future.

Never leave the scene without filing a police report. A police report is your official record of what happened. This document will be the proof you need to support your claims when you’re working with insurance companies, court rooms and hospitals.

In addition, never leave the scene assuming that you’ll simply work it out with the other party. Sometimes, people don’t want to see their insurance rates raised, so they simply decide to work it out on the side. The problem with this is that there may be issues stemming from the accident with your car or your health that you’re not aware of. If those issues become more serious and obvious down the line, it may be too late to prove your claim.

Where can people who’ve been in car accidents get help?

People who have been in car accidents may benefit by working with personal injury attorneys who have experience with these types of legal cases. An attorney may be able to help you with everything from seeking compensation to obtaining proper medical care.