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Steps to take after a vehicle crash

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

No matter how careful drivers in California are, accidents still happen. Vehicle accidents understandably cause many negative reactions, but these situations need close attention to details for insurance purposes. Drivers, whether they caused the accident or not, should try to stay calm and perform certain steps to ensure everyone’s safety.

Pulling Over

If the vehicle still runs and the driver can move, he or she should look for a safe spot to pull over. The next step is to turn off the motor and to flash hazard lights. If the vehicle does not run, the driver and passengers who are able to move need to look for a safe spot on the side of the road.

Calling 9-1-1

If the driver can, he or she should check all passengers for injuries and call 9-1-1. Some states require 9-1-1 to be called regardless of minor or major accidents.

In minor fender benders, drivers are advised to not leave elderly passengers, babies, or toddlers in the car too long, especially in hot weather. However, since babies and toddlers could have hidden injuries, they need to remain in their car seats until emergency services arrive.

Getting Insurance Information

Getting information is crucial to settle an insurance claim. Insurance claims commonly requires information from both drivers that includes names, addresses, license numbers, and where and how the accident occurred. If the drivers don’t know the location, an eyewitness may know or a GPS system could detect it when applicable.

In a situation where the police do not arrive, the driver can file a police report himself or herself. Insurance providers often need the police report in case the other driver brings litigation against company’s client.

Drivers injured in car accidents have the right to sue at-fault drivers for damages. However, some providers try to get out of it or make low offers even with enough proof. A lawyer may be able to help injured drivers prove their case.