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Common behaviors from road raging drivers

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Residents of California who have either experienced or witnessed incidents of road rage understand how frightening these scenes can become. Typical behavior from raging motorists who lose their tempers includes honking their horns, speeding, or tailgating another motorist. Some raging drivers find more aggressive ways to demonstrate their frustration while on the road.

Road rage can lead to a criminal offense when a raging driver recklessly operates their vehicle. Other motorists who become involved in car accidents with raging drivers are entitled to compensation.

Behaviors associated with road rage

The AAA Exchange identifies several aggressive behaviors shown by drivers affected by road rage.

  • Verbal anger – Raging drivers often scream, curse, and yell at other drivers on the road
  • Physical actions – Raging drivers are often seen slamming their fists against steering wheels, banging on the sides of their cars, and showing other signs of physical aggression
  • Intentionally annoying other drivers – Raging drivers often seek to distract other drivers by honking their horns, flashing their headlights, or revving their engines to gain the attention of other motorists
  • Dangerous Maneuvers – Raging drivers will turn their vehicles into tools of aggression by crowding, tailgating, and in some cases colliding with other motorists

Drivers who lose control of their emotions will use these and other behaviors to demonstrate their displeasure with the motorists that share the road with them. At a minimum, road rage will cause a driver to act immaturely and become an annoyance to other drivers. On the other end of the spectrum, road rage can cause motorists to turn their cars into dangerous weapons.

Individuals who are injured or suffer a loss after coming into contact with a road raging driver may be deserving of compensation. Drivers with questions regarding this conversation might receive the direction they need by speaking with a personal injury attorney.