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How psychological abuse happens in a nursing home

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2020 | Nursing Home Neglect |

When older parents or loved ones move into a nursing home, there is a lot of good that can happen in their lives. They can get the help they need to take care of daily tasks that were becoming overwhelming. This can include having meals readily available and having someone help them keep track of their medications and hygiene. Unfortunately, the relief the services of a nursing home can provide for a resident may lead to larger problems down the line if caregivers neglect or mentally abuse residents.

In addition to physical abuse, emotional abuse is a prevalent issue within nursing homes across the country. If you are questioning the emotional stability of your loved one who lives in a nursing home, it’s essential to understand how psychological abuse happens. It’ll also be useful to know signs that your loved one needs help.

Emotional abuse often happens through individual caregivers and staff members words and actions toward a resident. Some examples of verbal abuse by a caregiver include:

  • Saying unkind and degrading comments
  • Blaming the resident for something that isn’t their fault
  • Singling the resident out in front of their peers
  • Raising their voice at a resident

There are also ways a caregiver can psychologically harm a resident by not saying anything at all. When staff members consistently ignore an elderly resident cries or requests for help, this is harmful. And if a caregiver prevents a resident from mingling with visitors or socializing with other residents, this is also abuse.

Mean words, emotional neglect and isolation can all take a toll on an individual’s mental health. It might cause them to experience low levels of self-esteem, depression, mood swings and difficulty sleeping at night. If you sense that emotional abuse might be the reason for your loved one’s sudden disinterest in life, it’s important to check in on them and report evident neglect. An experienced attorney can help victims of nursing home abuse recover.