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Parkinson’s commonly misdiagnosed according to study

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2020 | Medical Malpractice |

Nearly 1 million Americans have Parkinson’s. It’s also commonly misdiagnosed by medical professionals. One study from a British Parkinson’s organization shows doctors misdiagnose more than a quarter of Parkinson’s cases.

The organization surveyed 2000 people with Parkinson’s only to find startling results. According to the data, nearly half of respondents say they received treatment for different conditions. Others said they received medication or surgery for other conditions as well.

People can suffer due to a late diagnosis

Parkinson’s doesn’t have a cure. But early diagnosis can help people manage their symptoms. Sadly, if people receive improper treatment, everyday activities can become a challenge, including:

  • Taking care of loved ones
  • Going on vacation
  • Getting exercise
  • Work their regular jobs
  • Have sex with their partner or spouse

Women more likely to receive a misdiagnosis

Fewer women get Parkinson’s than men. If they do, however, they receive their diagnosis much later. One woman complained about the key signs of Parkinson’s for years. Those include tremors, falling, severe dehydration and weight loss. Even after multiple tests and trips to the hospital, medical professionals didn’t find anything wrong with her; she didn’t get diagnosed with Parkinson’s for another six months.

Negligent mistakes can lead to significant hardship

People trust health care providers to give them a timely and accurate diagnosis. When they don’t meet those standards, patients can suffer tremendously throughout their lives. If this happens, victims and their loved ones may want to pursue legal action.