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Why should you get multiple doctor’s opinions?

On Behalf of | May 26, 2020 | Medical Malpractice |

When someone receives a catastrophic injury, recovering seems like an impossible task. Determining the actual amount of damage of the wound should be the first step in planning for a recovery. Because of the complexity of a catastrophic injury, the first doctor you meet with may not recognize the full scope of the damage. Thankfully, you can take additional steps to protect your best interests.

One out of three misdiagnoses ends up in a patient’s death. These misdiagnoses result in as many as 80,000 people dying just from their doctor’s inability to recognize what is affecting a patient properly.

So why see multiple doctors

If a misdiagnosis is so deadly, would it not be enough for a doctor to run tests a second or third time? In a perfect world, it would be enough. The truth is that all doctors have different levels of skill in various areas of practice.

While some doctors may have more skill in recognizing necessary prescription levels, they may not be able to read the results of a test as well as other doctors. With multiple doctors looking at a patient’s file, there is less chance of receiving a misdiagnosis through missed facts or overlooked symptoms.   

Absolutely within a patient’s right to request an additional opinion from the same hospital or another. This simple request can be the difference in what it takes for a patient to get the proper treatment they need.

Do not be afraid to speak up

Advocating for your best interests can be difficult when you are also trying to recover. If you are looking for a strong voice in your pursuit of compensation for your recovery, seek an experienced attorney to fight for you.