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Steering clear of danger relies on road upkeep showing the way

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Driving can come with some inherent risks, but you should at least be able to trust in the road itself. When that’s too much to ask, you may need to look to those in charge of transit.

Over 2,000 single-vehicle accidents happened in California in the latest year of reporting. This can occur for a variety of reasons, but often the environment is to blame. Rough roads, unclear signs and improper design can all lead to serious danger, and the government may be the ones responsible.

There are plenty of ways routes can come up short:

  • Hazardous disrepair: Roads take a lot of abuse over time, and it’s usually up to a government organization to manage their upkeep. Grading can erode away over time, asphalt can distort and potholes can form to make hazards for you and your vehicle.
  • Missing barriers: High-speed traffic is a necessity for traveling long distances, but it can quickly become deadly for anyone involved. Guardrails, medians and barriers can all help protect drivers, but the risks can multiply when important precautions aren’t in place.
  • Difficult signaling: Traffic signs are a crucial part of roadways, and there can be a lot of danger without proper communication. Missing signs, conflicting signals and faded lines can all contribute to motorists being caught unaware.
  • Poor planning: Crew may have doomed the road before construction ever began. Requirements for design are not a suggestion, and planners need to follow specific guidelines. Blind curves, sharp turns and steep shoulders can all pose a threat.

When those in charge of the roadways are staying on top of things, the trouble can be immense. Make sure you get taken care of when they don’t take care of the roads by knowing what can lead to dangerous driving.